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1 BANK = $1 = 0.003 ETH
$525 000
of investments raised at private round
775 000 BANK
30m BANK
of planned investment
50m BANK
superfast development
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Profit and advantages

Our bank was founded by experienced professionals and experts in the field of finances and blockchain technologies. Every our partner will get all the advantages of work with the innovation bank system of the future and additional bonuses, like access to technologies and high profit.

Guaranteed increase of company value

Resale of tokens at up to 8 times higher price. The higher the company value is the more tokens you can sell cost.

Reduced expenses for service

Reduction of expenses for the use of plastic card and app from 0 % to 0,5 %. We perform acquiring of our partners' cards independently.

Passive income

You get a significant interest from the company's profit

Saving on banking services

You do not have to pay for every transaction in banking services

Bonus from the volume
  • 2%
    ≥1 ETH
  • 4%
    ≥10 ETH
  • 8%
    ≥50 ETH
  • 10%
    ≥100 ETH
Profitability calculator
  • ЕТН 1 ETH = 300 BANK
  • BTC 1 BTC = 5000 BANK
  • ZEC 1 ZEC = 200 BANK
  • LTC 1 LTC = 5 BANK
Tokens: +Curent bonus: +Value bonus: Summ tokens:
Generous bonuses
  • 35%
    1 Day
  • 33%
    1 Week
  • 31%
    2 Week
  • 30%
    3 Week
  • 2%
    ≥ 1 ЕТН
  • 4%
    ≥ 10 ЕТН
  • 8%
    ≥ 50 ЕТН
  • 10%
    ≥ 100 ЕТН
Crypto-card is already made
Crypto-bank with offices on all continents
Our philosophy

We create our own payment system with a bank card which will be accepted by all ATMs and POS-terminals all over the world working with MasterCard and VISA systems. These are millions of stores, restaurants, cafes, and various enterprises worldwide. Thus, the sellers will be able to reduce their transaction expenses. They will be able to offer additional discount for their buyers. And, unlike payment with cash or standard plastic cards, payments with our payment system will be more handy and profitable.

Activities of our bank will be boundless. This will be a modern bank, global from the very first day. We do not try to create a centralized market and do not violate the concept of cryptocurrencies, and namely decentralization. We create procedures and tools for convenient and secure use of cryptocurrencies.

Key factors for attaining our goal

TThe most universal crypto-card

Minimal cost of infrastructure service

$150 000 of investments have been already entrusted us

Bank presence in 6 economic zones

More about our ICO
Profit distribution
  • +4%For founders
  • +94%For investors
  • +2%Bonuses
What Global Crypto Bank
Bank (BANK) token is: every token is a share of our bank.

By purchasing our tokens you become co-owners of a large-scale, million-dollar-strong business. Every co-owner has the right to get dividends and to use technologies of the company. According to IСO results, all partners will get their shares from the profit based on their contribution.

How payments
are made:

according to the company charter, the crypto-bank will pay 50% of net profit to owners of "Global Crypto Bank" token depending on their shares in our company, in the end of every financial year.

Special terms

Short name of the token: BANK

Issue control:

All unsold tokens will be destroyed after the end of ICO

Pre-ICO duration:

30.10.2017 till 19.11.2017

Token cost in fiat money:

1 token = $1

Limited quantity of tokens:

50, 000, 000 (fifty million) of tokens

Total planned volume:

50M dollar

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Our team
Practicing financial market players
Jim Thomson
The head of GCB company. Mastermind, strategist, and visionist. Financial sector expert. Private investor. Has work experience at a Сity bank as deputy CFO in a European representative office

Ross Crunk
CFO co-founder
10 years of experience in the international companies from the banking sector. Has worked in Norden Bank (Sweden), Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Is a private investor in the financial sector and IT field.

Daniel Courtney
Expert in the field of financial sector cyber-protection. Manager of IT and Blockchain developers at GCB. Has worked as cyber-security adviser in the European banks 7 years long.

William Gordon
15 years of experience in the European financial sector (5 years in the international financial sector); has worked as an adviser in the insurance company and in China minsheng bank for 3 years. Key specialization - formation of commercial products for enterprises
Erik Crowley
Product manager with experience at large international financial companies. Has developed software products in several start-ups and was responsible for introduction and usability. Is currently responsible for the concept of software product which will be offered to our customers. e-mail:
Enlai Jiang
PR, marketing & advertising expert with special focus on financial institutions and products. Winner of well-known advertising contests.

Lloyd Lane
Development Director
Expert blockchain technology . The developer of cloud-based storage of information .He has experience in creating banking API

John Hundley
Legal consultanting
Has vast experience at large enterprises, is now responsible for the control stages of various projects.

Stephen Murphy
CEO Genesis Global Tech
Saul Hudson
Devon Wesley
Blockchain Engineer
We have selected the best experts for our project
media support
we know from where and where we go

Acquisition of Payment institution license ( smal Payment Institution), creation of essential infrastructure, membership in SWIFT and SEPA


Issue of cards and acceptance of payments through BIN member, joining acquiring of commercial enterprises.


Insurance, Creation of a marketplace for small-scale and medium business. Development of own payment gateway and service of it


Acquisition of Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license, Opening of 6 offices in the key economic zones (China, USA, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, South Korea)


Acquisition of the Bank license, Р2Р loans , Savings accounts, Membership in Master Card and VISA


Creation of investment fund. Marketplace for large business. Broker services

Why it does work
Our project will change the branch for ever
  • Our bank aims to eliminate:
  • • long waiting time for obtaining a license for application of the system;
  • • conclusion of agreements for acquiring services;
  • • charging of up to 3% for any transactions with cards.
  • • Safe keeping and working with cryptocurrencies

We will provide a full service cycle for our customer and will help him save his money. Independent payment system will help to perform any financial transactions from any corner of the world instantly.

No excess information: 1 account, 1 mobile app

One account will be created for all transactions. You can work with any currencies, transfer or exchange them without any fees. All members get a report on activities in the account with a handy mobile app. We will provide high speed and safety of all transactions.

Securely. Quickly. Conveniently. Always.

The work is based on innovative blockchain technology, which enables to get profound information on all transactions ever made. The code cannot be cracked or alternated with unauthorized changes. The system is decentralized and securely protected against influence from single users.

No geographical restriction for investors and users
  • We create an absolutely independent, international bank of the world class. This ensures the following benefits for our customers:
  • • unlimited transactions with any kinds of currencies, cryptocurrencies or fiduciary tools;
  • • transfer of payments to any corner of the earth in one click;
  • • acceptance of acquiring payments with in any currency anywhere, etc.

Integration of companies from all over the world through our bank is upcoming future

Comprehensive accounting for the investors

Every investor will get regular reports on his/her savings, dividends, bonuses, and transactions. Service with online reports is available for all investors. You can supervise your revenues and charges daily if you want. We present reports for all member of the project once a year, upon completion of the annual plan.

Investors benefit in the first place

We divide 50 % of company profit proportionally among our investors, according to their share contributions. According to preliminary data for the fourth quarter of 2018, the project profit will make $20 000 000. It means you'll get your share from $10 000 000.

Smart contract
Your doubts are natural but we will dispel them
Here are our answers to frequently asked questions
  • 1. How can I buy your tokens?

    You can pay for BANK tokens with any cryptocurrency or fiat money using your card, bank account, e-wallet.

  • 2. How can I get profit from your tokens?

    Your tokens will rise in price every day. You’ll be able to sell them at a price exceeding the purchase price 10 times in a few years. We will pay dividends for support of the project to every ICO participant.

  • 3. When will I get my profit?

    You can either sell your tokens at exchange or our company will start payouts in October 2018. You will see the payment schedule in your account in the system.

  • 4. And what if your system will be cracked?

    We plan to introduce a two-stage authentication procedure to protect your data and account. This procedure will securely protect the system from external influences. A part of resources will be stored on offline servers.

  • 5. Are there any restrictions in BANK token quantity?

    The quantity will be limited by the number of tokens sold at Pre ICO stage. No additional tokens will be issued in future.

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